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When someone buys a music download, they are simply buying a “License” for personal use. In most cases, this kind of license forbids you from making any copies of the work, including even a backup copy. Since the digital age took over, many copyright holders now turn a blind eye to people who copy a file simply as a backup for themselves. After all, digital files can so easily be lost or corrupted when a device crashes or fails. However, most will still frown upon anyone who tries to take it further than that; much to the dismay of the consumer, who believes he is doing the artist a favour by letting his friends have copies too.

We know our artists struggle to get heard with the budgets they have at their disposal. We too believe, therefore, that you would be doing us a favour when you play your music to your friends. This is why we allow you to make a few extra copies to give the artist a bit of extra exposure.

So if it is so easy to buy a license for personal use, why is it so difficult for commercial users to get a license for commercial or profitable uses? Well, mainly this is because the average download store doesn’t have a direct link to the copyright holders. The record companies and publishers who own or control these copyrights are sometimes quite difficult to track down. Even then, they may decide they don’t want to let you use their music! This seems strange when you’re willing to pay for that privilege, but hey, I suppose they have their reasons! Even if you then get permission, you’ve got no idea whether your budget will cover it as the price is never divulged in advance. Even those in the business don’t know what the average going rate is for licenses. Most record companies and publishers make up a price depending on how rich they think the client is. I think that is a bit unfair, don’t you?

License Types (Click to enlarge)

License Types (Click to enlarge)

Here at SeniorSounds, most of our artists are only too happy to license their music if it means they can put food on the table. However, some of them will have some moral issues that they feel strongly about. They might therefore restrict the use of their music if its use involves certain trades or products. We have all these preferences on record, so we will contact you after your purchase just to make sure the artists have no objection to your use. If there is one, you will be given a full refund and be asked to perhaps consider an alternative song.

The song pages in our store each have a set of purchase options. There are 13 different usage licenses numbered L1 to L13. Not all songs have every one of these available because not all artists have a copy of their master project files. We have full access to the project files for the releases we produce here at our own studios. These are the songs that will have the full range of licenses available. In most cases we only have access to a CDQ mix of the records that we only sell and distribute. These will only have a few licenses available. A few artists may not want their music licensed at all. Those will only have personal use licenses available.

Above is a list of all the license codes, together with a description of their uses and the price per annum. Click on it for the full size image, or download the PDF – License Types

If the limited distribution licenses of 100 units aren’t sufficient for your needs, simply purchase multiples of them totalling the number of units you require. E.G. If you want to distribute 500 units, please purchase 5 licenses.

If you require an exclusive license, you must select both the annual license for the song you require together with the EX license to add them both to your cart so that you can check them out together. The EX license is valid for the same period of time (1 year) as the normal license. Check the license notes on the song page first, as non-exclusive licenses may already have been issued. Your exclusivity will only begin once those licenses expire. If non-exclusive licenses are already in progress, it is recommended that you purchase enough copies of the EX license to continue beyond their expiry date so that you can guarantee exclusivity after that date. Up until then, your license will still cover non-exclusive use.

The perpetuity license is non-exclusive, but lasts for the duration of the remaining phonographic copyright. This could be anything from 40-70 years. The price of a perpetuity license is 10 times the annual license but can be paid for in 12 monthly instalments. You will be invoiced upon application by email.

If you have any further questions regarding the licensing of the music on this site, please enter your query below.

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