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Sour - Cover ArtStory One – SOUR.

This is the début EP from 17 stories. A brand new collaborative arts project from Lynn Monk and Jepist Jepist. 17 stories will, over the coming years, create 17 original new stories that will be illustrated in multimedia format. This first story “sour”, is a macabre love story that doesn’t have a “Happily ever after” ending. The EP follows the story from their first meeting one Christmas to its sorry conclusion almost 2 years later.

Buy the eBook exclusively from and be prepared for a shock!

Chapter One – LOVE – “Vision of Lovely”
Chapter Two – DISILLUSIONMENT – “Tiff”
Chapter Three – REGRET – “Bits”
Chapter Four – RECONCILLIATION – “Stitch”

©2017 L Monk, JP Stocks

Lo-Fi Mono Sample

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