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A Beauty Pageant For the Morally Ugly

The Third EP from The Johnnie Squizzercrow Experiment introduces their new lead guitarist, D (Alias Damian Lyons). This cover art was banned from the major stores, so a “Censored” version is also included!

Featuring 4 tracks:-

1. Nothing to See Hear
2. Dictator
3. Pink Knickers
4. Hide 17

WARNING: Some tracks contain explicit lyrics.


The songs can be auditioned from the song pages, click on the song titles above to go there.

The Johnnie Squizzercrow Experiment is brought to you by:-

Tamsyn – Voice, Guitar, Trumpet & Attitude
Guy – Bass & Strange Headgear
Lynn – Drums & Weird thoughts
D – Guitar & Fish Curries

©2017 Squizzercrow

The individual songs and licensing can be purchased from the song pages.

SPECIAL OFFER! – Purchase the full EP and get a free unreleased track from the JSE2 Archives. This track is not available anywhere else!






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