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Long Time

KillierBangBang CoverArtThe début single on the Wobbly Music label from Killer Bang Bang. KBB are a rock trio based in Germany who draw influences from many genres of rock for their music.  (See song pages for details).

Featuring 2 tracks:
1. Long Time – A kind of Brit Rock Anthem featuring a brass band arrangement.
2. Last Walk – A more indie/punk kind of song with screaming vocals from Karl-Michael Heinrich

The individual songs and licensing can be purchased from the song pages. Click on the song titles above to go there.

The songs can be auditioned from the song pages or from the band page.

Long Time

KillierBangBang CoverArtThe A-side of the début single from German Indie Band, KillerBangBang.

“Long Time” is a song from a previous album that has been produced and remixed by Wobbly Music to include new sounds and performances with guest musicians, John McKeon (Bass Guitar. Ukulele) and Lynn Monk (Drums, Percussion, and Brass Band programming)

Featuring …

Karl-Michael Heinrich: Lead/Backing Vocals, and Guitars
Claudia Heinrich: Keyboards
Michael “Mike” Gonzalez: Backing Vocals

Lo-Fi Mono Sample

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