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Let us PAY YOU for spreadng the word about your favourite artists!

There are a complete set of video tutorials available in the affiliate area that will teach you all aspects of affiliate marketing from starting as a complete novice, continuing up to advanced techniques. What’s more, your account will be credited with $10 to start you off!

If you are a signed artist with your music in the store, you can earn an extra 15% in commissions ON TOP of your royalties if you become an affiliate and use your affiliate link to point your fans directly to your music. You can also offer special discounts, or even a free download, to your fans with the use of a coupon code that is unique to you.

The use of the Paypal micro-payment system in our store means that a much larger proportion of the value of small purchases is available for affiliates and artists to benefit from. If you market the commercial licenses to businesses, your affiliate commission could be as high as $100 or more per sale!

You can also build your own marketing team by sending people to sign up as an affiliate under your account. This means that you will earn a small commission on all of their sales too! There are 3 tiers available, so, not only will you receive income from the efforts of the people on your team, but you’ll also receive income from the people on their teams too!

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