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About Us

Welcome to SeniorSounds – A digital music store with a difference!

In fact, not just one difference, but many!

So now you’re thinking, what could possibly be so different about a music download store?

Well, firstly, whilst there are now some stores emerging that charge a membership fee for listening to songs; we believe that music is a personal thing. So we believe in keeping it on a device that you can share with your close friends and family. But that’s not the only reason for us to be hanging on to the download model. The main reason is that you’ll find no Beibers or GaGas on this site. In fact you’ll find no artists belonging to major labels here. Those kind of artists are really the only ones who benefit from these new streaming media sites. Why? Because they are the only artists with enough fans to stream their music in the kind of quantities that anyone could earn a basic living from. I’m talking about an average of 1000 plays just to earn about $4. Most independent artists wouldn’t even acheive 1000 plays a week, so they’re not going to earn their living out of that!

Businesswoman listening to her favorite musicThe music you’ll find on this site comes from artists who are primarily independent. By buying downloads and licensing their music from here, they will earn far higher percentages than they would get if they were with a major label. To earn a reasonable living on sales alone they would only need to sell a few thousand downloads instead of the millions that are required to make a profit with a major label.

So what else is new?

All the music here is sold without any DRM (Digital Rights Management). This means that we are happy for you to make backup copies onto any devices that you may own and even make a few copies for your close friends and family. We want you to spread the word about our artists as they don’t have the huge marketing budgets of a major label behind them to get them the exposure they need. At the same time, we want them to make some money from their efforts, so please be sensible and don’t share the music you purchase here via P2P or websites.


We offer a lifetime guarantee. Our musical tastes define a part of who we are and we don’t want you to lose that. So keep your receipt in a safe place. If you ever lose your music due to hard drive failure, theft or whatever, simply come back here and download another copy for free. Even if your downlaod link has expired, just email us, enclosing your receipt ID, and we’ll re-enable your download links.

Anything else?

We offer our music in up to 3 different file versions. If you do all your listening on an iPod or similar device, you probably only need the MP3 version. But if you like to listen on a hi-fi with big speakers; or perhaps you consider yourself a bit of a music buff; we recommend that you download the CDQ 44.1/16bit CD quality files, or better still, where available, the SMQ DVD Audio 96Khz 24 bit Studio Master Quality files. This is the sound as the artist wants you to hear it. These files are over 30 times the size of an MP3, so it just goes to show how much audio information you are missing!

iStock_000001445505XSmallThe audio samples on this site play the whole song, not just a 30 second clip. However, in order to encourage you to buy the download, you will hear only a Lo-Fi Mono version in some cases. On the more recent tracks you will hear the full quality stereo MP3, but just in case you think it might be worth stealing, a nice gentleman will speak every 20 seconds, reminding you to buy it!

OK, you are different! That’s got to be it now though, yes?

Not quite! … If you use music commercially, or need samples for remixes, karaoke, or parodies. This is the only music store that offers music licenses as easily as purchasing a download. In fact there are up to 13 music licenses to choose from, for all possible uses. A full description of the licenses can be found on the “Licenses” page. If you want some music and don’t quite know what license to purchase, just email us or speak to us via our chat helpline. and we’ll tell you what you need to know. To keep the costs down for you, all our music licenses expire after a year. In most cases, you wont need to renew this, but if you do, just purchase it again before it expires, or ask us about setting up an automatic subscription. If the music is for a project that you plan to exploit for a long period of time, please contact us for a perpetuity license.

What about special offers?

Yes, we often run special promotions, usually in conjunction with the artists themselves, but most of the discounts are only available to those on our mailing list. You can sign up from the form on the left.

One offer that we do have here as a permanent feature is that you can make your own compilation albums. We realise that not every track on an album may be to your taste, so here, you can pick ten of your favourite tracks to make your own compilation album out of 10 MP3s or 10 CDQ files. Enter the relative discount code you see below at the checkout and you’ll get the lot for the usual price of an album.
The code for an album of 10 MP3s is: – CompAMP3
The code for an album of 10 CDQs is:- CompACDQ

Any other discounts?

Join our mailing list from the subscription form on the left and be notified of our new releases and other news and you’ll receive discount codes that will give you 10% off each new release for the first 2 weeks of its life; plus any additional offers provided by our artists.

Do you have any free downloads?

Yes, sometimes we will run a special promotion that offers free downloads. Sometimes the artist themselves will ask us to offer certain songs for free. However, in order to receive most of these offers, you will need to be a subscriber to our mailing list. Please fill in the form on the left, and don’t forget to confirm your subscription by clicking on the link in the follow-up confirmation email.

Could I earn any money by promoting this website or any of your artists?

Yes, we have an affiliate program. Go and sign up as an affiliate, here.

How can I get my music in your store?

Go to and sign a record deal with us.

Do you need any songs?

Yes. Go to Bakehouse Online Studios and sign up as a songwriter.

Can I be one of your session musicians?

Yes. Go to Bakehouse Online Studios and sign up as a session collaborator.

Where can I hear your artists music?

You can play a full length sample of every track right here in this store! If you prefer to listen to a radio station that may play some of our music among other artists, you can look us up on, or on

Where can I find more information about your organisation?


Where can I get more info about the music business or help, advice, and critiques etc. on my own music?

Go to Bakehouse Online Studios and Join our membership forums (It’s only a few dollars a month subscription)