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The music here is diverse, non-genre-specific, and on the whole has a refreshing new sound that comes from a blend of old and new. The songs here are produced using old-school mastering techniques that keep a lot of the dynamics and emotion intact. The music here will inspire, energise, and invoke feelings of nostalgia, relaxation, joy, and sometimes even pain. We have music that will make you dance, and some that can make you sing. All written & performed by talented individuals you’ve probably never heard of. Artists who live to create music for the enjoyment of others and just hope that one day it may also pay some of their bills. Purchasing downloads and licenses here, will help to make their dreams come true.

For the list of the artists whose music is available on this site, look to the left. Click on any artist or band name to see an overview of all their music. Click on the title of a song to go to the downloads page where you can purchase licenses for personal or commercial use.

If you prefer to browse by genre or other features, look to the right. There you will see a list of features, and genres that are covered by the songs available on this site. Click on any one to open an overview of the songs with that feature. Click on the song title to go to the downloads page.

We hope you enjoy listening to the music here. If you hear something you like, please support the artist by purchasing a download. Please visit us again. We are adding new music all the time!